Plant-Based Filipino Food

Alternative cuisines to get beginners though a plant-based diet need to be based on individual food preferences to make the change more sustainable for health benefits. This book is for those who prefer the food that Filipinos love to eat on regular and uneventful days.

A total of 88 home-style recipe suggestions starting with brown rice dishes, viands, snack items as well as desserts and beverages have been collected in this volume for those who may want to take charge of their own food or at least supervise its preparation.

The goal of this book is to make this purpose-driven diet change an enjoyable activity that people do for themselves as it seeks to minimize the guesswork out of the leap to a purely plant-based nutrition.

But more than just a collection of recipes that are set the vegan way, this book provides a complete look at Filipino food and offers practical means to make the cuisine a viable staple for healthy eating.

It begins with a brief history of Philippine cooking from the little that we know of its origin, its influences and how it evolved to be both the familiar but unique-tasting food type that we know today.

It outlines straightforward steps in adapting the food to plant-based nutrition which includes a concise discussion of essential food ingredients as well as the lone supplement that plant-based consumers like us need to include or add more of in the food that we love to eat.

This book is now available at The Book Depository with free worldwide delivery, Amazon stores and leading online bookstores worldwide.

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